8th Congress of the Croatian society of medical biochemistry
and laboratory medicine 
with international participation
22 – 26 September 2015, Rijeka, Croatia

Plenary lecturers

Tuesday, 22 September 2015
Key note lecture: Competency development in biomedicine

Mestrovic A
Arijana Meštrović, Ph. D.
Zagreb, Croatia

Arijana Meštrović, Ph. D., is a master of pharmacy, experienced in pharmaceutical practice and education. She is actively involved in the work of international institutions like FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation), ACPE (Accreditation Council of Pharmacy Education), PCNE (Pharmaceutical Care Network of Europe), CoDEG (Competency Development and Evaluation Group) and Europharm Forum.
Through the work of her own agency for counseling and education, Pharma Expert, which nowadays gathers 80 partners already, she works on implementation of pharmaceutical care in pharmacies, introduction of new services for patients, and development of pharmaceutical competences in Croatia and whole region, which is her main field of research interest.
She coaches sale, communication and presentation skills. Her lectures and workshops address all the categories of pharmaceutical competences – knowledge, experience and motivation. She is dedicated to the idea that implementation of advanced pharmaceutical practice in this region is possible and absolutely necessary. In her lectures she gives practical solutions and tools for achieving that implementation throughout lifelong education.
She cooperates with all professional institutions in this region and she is often invited lecturer and moderator in international conferences.
She teaches Profession practice, Social pharmacy and Pharmaceutical care and she is Senior Science Assistant for pharmacy students in Zagreb and Split. Right now she is in training program of American College of Clinical Pharmacy in a field of clinical pharmacy as a part of specialization program Pharmacotherapy - Ambulatory Care. She is lecturer and mentor on International College of pharmacy in Cyprus (Near East University) where she gives lectures on Pharmaceutical care and Collaborative practice. She has adjusted Global standard of evaluation and development of competences FIP Global Competency Framework for Croatian pharmacy by developing and improving successful pharmacy chain brand FARMACIA, where she has continuously worked for 5 years with masters of pharmacy, pharmaceutical technicians and interns. She has published her results in AJPE (American Journal of Pharmacy Education) 2011 and in her doctoral work.
Based on successful implementation of same model in Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Hercegovina, she represents CoDEG in whole Europe. She is the president of FIP expert committee for world pharmacy congress and expertise member of Board of Pharmaceutical Practice. She is a president of Commission for improvement of Pharmaceutical Practice at Croatian pharmacy chamber. At Croatian pharmaceutical society she is an active member of the Scientific committee for organization of professional conferences, counseling meetings and congresses and also lecturer and moderator of workshops for lifelong education. In collaboration with global leader in field of education quality in pharmacies, Mr. Michael Rous (ACPE; SAD) she is coauthor of FIP global document Quality Assurance of Pharmacy Education: the FIP Global Framework 3. In this partnership she is also professional consultant for TPA (Turkish Pharmacists Association, Ankara, Turkey) on revision of educational model of lifelong education for pharmacists in Turkey which is in progress at this moment.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015
Plenary lecture 1: Global harmonization in laboratory medicine

Panteghini M
Prof. Mauro Panteghini, Ph. D.
Milan, Italy

Prof. Mauro Panteghini, Ph.D., Postgraduate in Laboratory Medicine, is full Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology at University of Milano Medical School. His institutional positions are Director of the Chair of Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology at the Medical School of the University of Milan, Italy. Director of the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Director of Laboratory of Clinical Pathology of the "Luigi Sacco" University Hospital in Milan, Italy. Director of the Centre for Metrological Traceability in Laboratory Medicine (CIRME) of the University of Milan and Responsible of the Accredited Reference Laboratory (a JCTLM listed reference laboratory service).
Prof. Panteghini has served in a number of international and national scientific activities in the field of Laboratory Medicine. He is currently President of the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM).
He has published more than 450 manuscripts (h-index: 43) and more than 420 abstracts. He presented over 100 invited lectures during international and national congresses and over 170 presentations at meetings or workshops.

Thursday, 24 September 2015
Plenary lecture 2: State of the art of laboratory quality indicators

Plebani M
Prof. Mario Plebani, Ph. D.
Padova, Italy

Prof. Mario Plebani, Ph. D., obtained his medical degree summa cum laude from the Medical School of the University of Padova in 1975. He completed residency training and specialization in Laboratory Medicine (1978), and subsequently in Gastroenterology (1983), at the same University. He is full Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology at the School of Medicine, University of Padova. He is Chief of the Department of Laboratory Medicine at the University-Hospital of Padova, Chief of the Center of Biomedical Research (a specialized Center for quality in laboratory medicine for the Veneto Region). Currently, he is member of the Board of Management of the University of Padova in which he covered the position of Director of the Post-graduate School in Clinical Biochemistry at the Medical School from 2006 to 2012, and President of the Course for Medical Technologists from 2008 to 2012. Honorary Professor at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), Facultad de Farmacia y Bioquimica he served as President of the International Society of Enzymology for four years (2004-2008), as President of the Italian Society of Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Clinical Biology for five years (in 2003 and from 2007 to 2009) and President of the federation of Italian Societies of Laboratory Medicine (FISMeLAB) from 2009 to 2012. He is a member of the Study Group on Biomarkers in Cardiology of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Working Group on Acute Cardiac Care and, more recently of the TC - Study group on Biomarkers of the Acute Cardiovascular Care Association (ACCA).
Prof. Plebani is Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, and co-Editor in Chief of Diagnosis and Associate editor of the International Journal of Biological Markers. He has published 880 full papers, more than 900 abstracts and several books and book chapters, HI 64 (13.351 citations with an average per year of 371 citations), and an Impact Factor of 877.495 in the last three year. Invited speakers at many national and international meetings and conferences such as the AACC annual meetings in 1998, 2005 and 2007-2012, the IFCC/EFCC International Congresses in Florence (1999), Kyoto (2002), the IFCC-FESSC EuroMedLab in Prague (2001), Barcelona (2003), Glasgow (2005), Innsbruck (2009), Berlin (2012) and Milan (2013). He has been invited as key-note speaker at many national meetings of IFCC member societies, including Australia, UK, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, Turkey, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Perù. Awards received: 1991-King Prize for achievement and original research in Clinical Enzymology, International Society for Clinical Enzymology (ISE); 2007-AACC Management Sciences Division, Outstanding Contributions to Management Sciences Award; 2008-AACC Award for Outstanding Clinical Laboratory Contributions to Patient Safety; 2011-ACB (UK) International Lecture Award, 2014-IFCC (International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine) Distinguished Award for Laboratory Medicine and Patient Care and 2014- AACC/NACB Award for Outstanding Contributions to Clinical Chemistry in a Selected Area of Research and the 2014 Canadian Society (CSCC) "Travelling Lecture" Award.
His main areas of research are quality in laboratory medicine, diagnostic and laboratory errors, biomarkers in cancer and cardiovascular diseases, and in vitro allergy diagnostics.

Friday, 25 September 2015
Plenary lecture 3: Biological variation remains relevant

Anna Carobene, Ph. D.
Milan, Italy

Anna Carobene graduated in Biology (108/110) at Milan University in 1991. In 2004 she specialised in Clinical Biochemistry at Milan University (70/70 cum laude). Since September 1991 she is working at the Laboratory of Standardisation in clinical chemistry, of San Raphael Hospital, Milan, Italy. She works in the field of standardization particularly about lipids and enzymes. She evaluated and developed new clinical chemistry tests in collaboration with several manufacturers. She has also evaluated new analyser of clinical chemistry. She is an expert in quality control, quality assurance and total quality management. She worked for more than 10 years as responsible of an Italian EQAS in Clinical Biochemistry, Haematology, Coagulation and Immunology involving about 600 laboratories (2004 – 2013). She published several papers in this field with particular attention to the problem of commutability of control materials. Since 2012 she is a member of the Working Group on Biological Variation (WG-BV) of the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM). The WG-BV explores the sources of variation in and has developed a critical appraisal checklist for papers on biological variation. She is a leader and coordinator of the project "Samples collection from healthy volunteers for BV Values Update", involving 7 European laboratories. Since April 2014 she is a member of Task Force on Proficiency Testing (TF-PT) of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC). Since February 2015 she is a member of Task Force of "Biological Variation database" of EFLM. The TF evaluates the literature on biological variation and extracts essential information from the papers using a critical appraisal list, to generate a new database on the EFLM website.
She acts as referee for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM), Chimica Clinica Acta (CCA), Clinical Chemistry (Clin Chem) and Clinical Biochemistry (Clin Biochem).
She published 17 papers in peer reviewed Journals and presented several oral communications at National and International Congresses.
She taught biology at Psychological Medicine and Sport Science School (Catholic University, Milan) from 1998 to 2000. Since 2000 she works as Contract Professor, Course of Chemistry and Biochemistry for Physiotherapy and since 2008 she is a tutor of course Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory Medicine, both at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Milan, Italy.

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